Priceless 2020 is April 17-18

Friday, April 17 - Pre-Show is at 6:45pm
Saturday, April 18 - Pre-Show is at 8:55am


To Rise means to assume an upright position, to get up from sleep, to return from death, to take up arms, to appear above the horizon, to move upward, to increase in height, size, volume or pitch, to extend above other objects, to increase in fervor or intensity, to attain a higher level, to increase in number, to take place, to originate or come into being, to exert oneself to a challenge.

It’s time to wake up and rise to the occasion of our time in the earth! To rise and shine in this world. We are coming together to wake up and RISE at a time when God’s light must shine through us. You were born to RISE and shine!

Join this movement of women as we rise to meet with God and we discover how we are called to RISE.

“She rises while it is yet night…”. Proverbs 31:15

Together We Rise, join us April 16-19 as we RISE and SHINE!

Priceless Project

Uganda Orphanage

Priceless is partnering with a village in the Lower Zone in Uganda that houses, feeds, loves, and educates orphans. This village has a school and a church that is meeting daily needs for these beautiful children. There are two opportunities we have, we can send money for the church and the people ministering to the families and children and/or we can personally sponsor 22 orphans in this village. Only $45 per month will provide food, housing, and education for EVERY orphan.

Conference speakers

Pastor Pam Ballenger

- Pastor Pamela Ballenger is a gifted minister and teacher. She, along with her husband Len Ballenger pastor Jubilee Church in Pensacola, Florida. Reaching into her miraculous healing from a broken past, Pamela reaches forward to bring a message of life to everyone she touches. Her conversational style and prophetic edge always carries a profound spiritual impact. In addition to her work in ministry, Pamela leads an active life with her husband and five children. Your life will undoubtedly be inspired and empowered by her ministry.

Our Host, Pastor Angela Fox

- Angela has an infectious love of life, a love of people and a strong obsession for God’s House. Her passion is to build the local church across the earth, to see people discover their destiny and to develop strong leaders. Angela is known for her practical application and strong communication of God’s Word. Angela is a pastor, speaker, wife and mother, she leads at Jubilee Church in Pensacola, Florida and does life there with her husband Tim and her daughters, Jasmine and Sophia Jewel. Angela Fox is a passionate educator with a continual pursuit to help people learn faster and easier. This passion has now culminated into opening LearningRx Pensacola, as a part of a strong cognitive training network of more than 80 centers across the United States.

Pastor Rachelle Thurber

- Pastor Rachelle Thurber is the worship leader of The Stronghold Church. She started ministering in music at the early age of eleven, and currently continues to write and prophetically lead worship. Rachelle’s passion is to release her intimacy with the Lord to help pull others close to Jesus. Rachelle and her husband Brent have two beautiful daughters, Kennedy and Delaney and reside in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Pastor Cami Cantu

- Pastor Cami Cantu has been faithfully serving in full-time ministry at Faith Center Church in Sulphur, OK, for over 20 years. She has been gifted with a unique style of communicating God's word that allows her to connect with her audience on a deep level. She is driven with a genuine passion to lead people from all walks of life into a greater level of faith and awareness of the Holy Spirit and His power for everyday living. Cami has been graced with a strong prophetic mantle and is used by God with the gift of healing, and is a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ. She is an anointed and highly sought-after speaker with a strong desire to see lives changed for the glory of God.

Pastor Noeleen Smerdon

- Pastor Noeleen was born & raised in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. She is married to Pastor Greg and together they have two children Lydia and Philip. She has a son in law Keagan and 1st grandchild Eden. After pursuing a degree with Cornerstone Christian College she now together with Pastor Greg provides pastoral oversight to a local church in Pietermaritzburg. They give oversight to five branch churches in South Africa. Pastor Noeleen is an anointed teacher amongst being a Prophetic Intecessor. She has an amazing gift to bring biblical principles in a practical manner equipping the believer to apply easily.
As she travels through the Nation God is using her to bridge cultural gaps by bringing messages that have a balance of sociological and Spiritual truths. Her strong desire is to see individuals especially women being raised and equipped to fulfil their callings is evident in her practical books she has written. Amidst all this she is a child of God.

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